No dog will be rehomed by us without being desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

VicDRG is a group run almost entirely by volunteers. We sometimes pay for catch up administration work as our paperwork is important to us and ensures the safety of our animals.

Mostly, everyone gives of their time, skills and often money to ensure we can continue to work to save and improve the quality of life of our companion animals.

Your donations go where they are needed - to the animals.

Dogs Needing Homes

VicDRG Dogs

  • Odie is trailling his new home

    Photo of dog waiting for a home

    Small Male Pug x Chihuahua, 5 years

    My foster mu m says I’m sweet, full of affection and a loving, gentle soul. I’m friendly and always have a smile on my face because life is so wonderful. My favourite things – cuddles in bed in the morning, belly rubs, soaking up the sun’s rays and cuddles, did I say cuddles? Oh, and don’t tell anyone, but I really enjoy catching little bugs if I get the chance.....»Read More

  • Arnie

    Photo of dog waiting for a home

    Medium Kelpie x English x Staffy , 3 years

    Arnie is a very special dog with a huge, loving heart and the most wonderful personality. He has just the right amount of ‘zing’ to make him adorably fun, but he is still a super gentle boy. Arnie takes instruction well, happily jumps up into the back of the wagon for an adventure and always aims to please. Arnie thrives being part of a family and likes being around people as much as possible...»Read More

  • Ariella

    Photo of dog waiting for a home

    Female Whippet x, 4 years

    Ariella is a divine girl with the most beautiful, soft coat. This gorgeous creature has a very gentle, tolerant nature and loves nothing more than napping out in the sun or cuddling up next to you on the couch, snoozing away while you watch a movie or read the newspaper. She loves playing with dogs and can really turn up her energy levels when down at the dog park....»Read More

  • Joanie

    Photo of dog waiting for a home

    Large Female Boxer x, 1 year 6 months

    Joanie is a cheerful soul who adores her exercise. This gorgeous girl is looking for an active family to welcome her into their hearts and home. Joanie and Jude are great buddies and if you have been looking for a special duo they would be thrilled for the opportunity to continue their lives togethe....»Read More

  • Ruby

    Photo of dog waiting for a home

    Medium Female Red Heeler x Staffy, 6 years

    Sweet Ruby is an affectionate and loving girl who just wants to be with you. She will sit next to you on the couch, or put her head in your lap looking for a pat. Ruby licks your nose to say hello and loves to show you her tummy so you’ll give her a belly rub. Ruby is a people dog, she currently shares her home with another doggy friend and while she isn’t keen to play she is happy to share space....» Read More

  • Lakeisha

    Photo of dog waiting for a home

    Medium Female Boxer x Kelpie, 2 years

    Lakeisha is a beautiful, gentle girl who loves everyone she meets. This gorgeous creature is new to Victorian Dog Rescue. Further information coming soon....» Read More

  • Cindy

    Photo of dog waiting for a home

    Medium Female Red Heeler x, 5 years 7months

    WANTED: Special human companion who loves to potter around the garden, go for long walks, drives in the car and chill out on the couch. Hi, I’m Cindy and you have no idea how long I have been waiting to meet you. I know you will be my whole world. My new home will be with an adult family. For some reason little people make me feel nervous. I will devote my everything to you...»Read More

  • Jai

    Photo of dog waiting for a home

    Large Male Kelpie x Mastiff x Ridgeback, 1year

    Well it has been some months since Jai came to stay with us. It has been a wonderful journey, for him and for us. He came to us as a boy who looked kinda tough, but we quickly saw what a softie he was. Initially, he was too scared to play with Toga and Nugget, he would bunny hop around them and then roll on his back if they came close. My, how things change, now he loves to romp and play hard...»Read More

  • Jude

    Photo of dog waiting for a home

    Large Male Bull Arab x, 1 year 6 month

    Jude is a quiet and gentle boy who walks well on the lead. He loves his exercise and waits patiently to find an amazing forever home. If you have been searching for an amazing duo, Jude has a beautiful bond with Joanie and they would be delighted if they were able to continue life’s journey together...»Read More

  • Kiana

    Photo of dog waiting for a home

    Medium Female Belgian Shepherd x, puppy

    Starting with her favourite game of tug of war, it wont take long before Kiana’s also tugging on your heart, winning you over with her fun, active and adventurous spirit. She had a rough start to life, though you'd never guess that when you watch her in action with her foster family. Understandably, she is still a bit timid around new people and animals, but with time and the right sort of care, she will change...»Read More

  • Stephanie

    Photo of dog waiting for a home

    Medium Female Staghound x, 2 years

    Meet Stephanie. A gorgeous, gentle soul who loves everybody. This intelligent girl loves to watch Inspector Rex and even responds to commands in German. Stephanie is happy to just hang out and be with you all the time, resting on her mat and occasionally coming over for pats. Stephanie is house trained

    ...» Read More

  • Mr Casey

    Photo of dog waiting for a home

    Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x, 6 years

    Charming Mr Casey is a lovely boy who adores cuddles and exploring. Sadly, Mr Casey’s elderly person passed away, leaving this gorgeous boy without a home. He is a happy, energetic little man, very partial to snuggling. Mr Casey has floppy ears generally, but when he is alert they stand up. His ears are enormous and incredibly cute. Mr Casey knows exactly what he is up to and knows how to turn on the charm ...» Read More