Breed: Large Male Bull Arab x

Age/DOB: 1 year 3 months

  • Shad, Large Male Bull Arab x
  • Shad, Large Male Bull Arab x
  • Shad, Large Male Bull Arab x
  • Shad, Large Male Bull Arab x
  • Shad, Large Male Bull Arab x
  • Shad, Large Male Bull Arab x
  • Shad, Large Male Bull Arab x

Before you read further please note that Shad cannot be rehomed with a normal dog his size. Nor can he ever be off leash in a park. One body blow from a big dog and his leg may be permanently damaged, and even amputated. He needs to be rehomed with an older bigger dog or a small active dog. Shad adores dogs so it is really sad.

Shad is obedient in his own laidback way, he does sit, eventually, and he does come, eventually, he just likes to do it in his own time. In his quiet way Shad is a pretty stubborn boy, so he will need some firm leadership to help him with his manners. He is a physically strong dog despite his bad leg so it is very important that he works with and listens to his new family.

Shad does love his food and this is where you will see some excitement in this happy chappy. He likes his walks, add…smelling every blade of grass and saying hello to every person as he saunters along in a slightly awkward manner. Shad doesn’t like the heat and sometimes when he refuses to walk more than a block it is difficult to know if it is because of the heat or his leg so you do need some patience. When Shad runs the leg problem isn’t noticeable and when he is playing he is such an exuberant puppy that you do have to keep an eye on him as he doesn’t always remember the days when he could scarcely walk.

He is exceptionally gentle when he takes food from you and loves nothing better than to nuzzle into you. He is such a tactile boy. He doesn’t particularly like going in the car at the moment, and particularly not getting out. Sadly we think this is because poor Shad has lots of memories of getting out of cars and going to different places – kennels, vets, physios – and just moving on from his people.

Shad would love to live with another dog who will play with him but as set out above there are restrictions. He would be happy in a family with kids but given his size could knock little ones over and probably even pull big ones over when walking on a lead, so he would probably be better with bigger kids or even teenagers.

Shad is pretty good with cats. They are exciting and he would be happy to live with a feline brother or sister. He is exceptionally gentle with the 17 year old blind shihtzu he now lives with and waits patiently for him to finish his dinner before he looks in the bowl for left overs. The only worry is that in his uncoordinated way he might accidentally knock him.

He is a typical puppy in that you have to watch cushions, socks, shoes – he doesn’t do a lot of damage but he does like to have a gnaw!! And he will often bring you a sock or a tug and ask you to play with him.

On another note Shad is one of those dogs who doesn’t like to toilet on his walk but will save it till he gets to his own backyard. So if you are paranoid about your pristine green lawn he’s not the dog for you.


Microchip Number: 985111000487693

Medical Notes:

Shad has spent most of his life in pain and then operated on and crated and in rehabilitation. Sadly he will never have a 100 per cent normal leg but at least he is not in pain. Sometimes when he runs through the garden you don’t even notice the leg – other times he drags and wobbles it badly. Please look at our blog on the website to see the before and after his operation.

Shad before the operation > The Story of Shad - Part One

Shad after the operation > The Story of Shad - Part two

All our dogs are desexed, C5 vaccinated with intranasal, microchipped, wormed, fleatreated and if over 12 months heartworm tested.

Adoption Fee: $490

If you would like to give Shad a new home please download the application form:

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Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.