RIP Tyson

Tyson was bought as a puppy, then unwanted was consigned to a back yard in Melbourne. We would look longingly through the glass doors at the family he wasn’t allowed to join. A friend visiting took pity on him and contacted us. The family agreed to surrender Tyson to us. He was between 10 and 12, a mess – covered in fleas, terrible skin, with such a severe untreated ear infection that he was nearly deaf.

Tyson was in care for nearly six months while he was restored to health and had a taste of life as it should be. He was rehomed with Beverley and her family and he enjoyed 18 months of bliss.

Here he was allowed to shred his toys and cushions and then his family would repack them to be shredded again the next night: his ‘winter wonderland’.

Tyson died suddenly.

Thank you to everyone involved in Tyson’s short time of happiness once we had him in our care – Lachlan, Terry, Kim, and his lovely family.

Rest in peace Tyson and may there be a never ending supply of toys for you to destroy in your new final home.

Tyson, Tyson,