Little Hamlin Rescued From Drain

Little Hamlin Rescued From Drain

This is little Hamlin. He was found by two boys living in a drain. How nice that they cared enough to take him to a pound to be looked after. Well done. Sadly so many people just don't want to get involved. Now little Hamlin, with his coat shaved and nice and warm in his coat, has had his first vet check, bloodwork done, has medication for his eye and is off to the Malvern Eye Clinic to have his eyes looked at to see what can be done. Depending on that he will probably need one eye removed, lots of rotten teeth removed, and his spine xrayed to see what the problem is. We wonder if he was thrown from a car or perhaps kicked.

He is a bit lost at the moment, having only been with us a few days, but already he has discovered his bark, follows his carer around, and loves his roast chicken and supplements. We are not sure if he is incontinent, has a little dementia, was never house trained, or just doesn't know where to go with his very limited sight.

Hamlin means lover of home, and what 15-year old Hamlin most wants is a place to lay his little head for the rest of his days. Let's find a home for Hamlin so his life in the drain becomes a distant memory.

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