Animal Abuse Is Treated Too Lightly

If the RSPCA are given more money does that mean the telephone/emails to us about people living next to neglected, starved and abused animals will stop? Often they have been to the council and the RSPCA with no result. Sometimes they are scared too because of what the neighbours might do to their animals. Is the problem with the legislation that just does not treat animals seriously?

Animals can't win. They are just 'property' but last week when we suspected one of our animals had been stolen, and the carer tried to report to the police they said it was nothing to do with them. Yet if you think your wallet is stolen you can report to the police. Which would you rather the police were more proactive on?

Our pets, although labelled as property, are less than that it seems in the eyes of the law.

Do You Hate Animal Abuse? Then You’ll Love What the FBI Is Doing About It!

The FBI's recent change in crime reporting may completely alter the way law enforcement views animal cruelty.