We Are So Very Sorry Lambert

We Are So Very Sorry Lambert

Lambert is dead. He had barely made it into our care, but he was in our care.

Lambert was a stray picked up by one of our volunteers who did the right thing and took him to the pound. She asked us, if not reclaimed, could we care for him? We said yes, as did the pound. He did his time in the pound and was not reclaimed. The pound sent him straight to their preferred vet for his vetwork in order to be adopted by us. We needed to quarantine Lambert till his vaccination kicked in, and we had no foster carers in the area equipped to deal with this. So we asked the vet practice if they could care for him for that time. They agreed.

Now we are going to cut a long story short. One of the vet nurses took him home with her: one of her dogs killed him. There were lies told and collusion but what matters is our Lambert Is dead. Two vet nurses have been dismissed. They deserved it and it hasn’t finished there. But that doesn’t bring Lambert back.

We are so sorry little man, and please believe we had wondrous new life plans for you. Your carer was coming to collect you the very day we found out you were dead. You taught us a harsh lesson, one we thought we had learned already. But we couldn’t say no, and we so wanted you in our caring arms.

Sorry is not enough, wretched and ill at heart almost covers how we feel, but oh, if we had those decisions over…… Rest in peace, dear sweet innocent Lambert.