Elton Our Brave Little Boy Needs More Helpers

Elton Our Brave Little Boy Needs More Helpers

In October 2014 Elton was a normal little guy, rescued from the pound, living with his carer and about to be adopted. He jumped off a chair and soon after needed to go to the vet. He was paralysed. We had not realised this was not an unusual event for dogs with longer backs than normal so do take care with your little guys. Sam Snelling of Advanced Vet Care advised that Elton was a severe surgical case. If he operated there was a 10 per cent chance of his dying, and only... a 50 per cent chance of his walking again. Opinions differed as to what we should do. But in the end how could we not give this young happy guy his chance. In our research we were advised that, of the people that chose to operate, many of these dogs were subsequently euthanased within six months as their carers realised what was involved in their care.

Elton’s operation was on the 20th October 2014. He did not recover quickly as was an initial hope. Now 11.5 months later Elton is still not walking, but he is a happy little boy who has been supported by the fabulous Team Elton. We cannot thank Taryn, Daphne, Eva and Karine enough for all they have to done to back up this little boy. Apart from two hydrotherapy sessions a week at Dogs in Motion, and a visit to Dr Katrina Gregory, a vet for acupuncture once a fortnight, he has been swimming, exercised and he has had so much provided for him as extra supports and aids. And a special thank you to Sam Farrow who donated his wheelchair when her own little guy did not survive. We’ve attached three videos. The first is when he got his chair in December and you can see his back legs are not working at all, the second is in April when you can see how much improvement in his legs. The third is a swim at Aquapaws.

Now we are delighted to say Elton has progressed to very short times in a harness as his legs relearn to position themselves properly. None of this would have been possible without the fabulous Team Elton who not only did his structured appointments, but managed his three sets of appointments a week, and did all the extras that kept him entertained and happy.

Elton will never be normal, never be off leash in a park, should never sit higher than floor level, but he can be a happy dog whom we believe has a good chance to walk around on his own and enjoy life even more than he does now. Quite honestly, Team Elton, are exhausted. They have done so much. They need more members. Can you help? Can you take Elton to an appointment? Can you be part of this little guy’s journey?

We hope you can. If you are interested please do contact us at rescue@victoriandogrescue.org.au

People in the Bayside area in particular are invited to apply.