Funding For The Pets Of Family Violence Victims

How fantastic that the government is finally offering funding for the pets of family violence victims. We are so grateful to the government as obviously a small grant like our Pets in Crisis program, currently providing assistance to two small dogs in this situation, can only do a little. This is the advantage of foster care networks based in the community. We are often both approached and see a need because we are operating at grass roots level.

We are grateful to the then Department of Primary Industry for providing funding for the last three years for our programs such as Foster carer training programs, Rural desexing (550 dogs and cats – YES!!), Animeals and our current Pets in Crisis Program. In the case of the rural desexing program we provided half the funds ourselves as we felt so strongly about it.

Unfortunately this money did have to come from a bequest that we had put aside in the hope of using as a deposit on a property, but when every week drivers go into the country to rescue dogs and cats from pounds we certainly recognise the importance of fewer litters. - $100,000 earmarked for pet protection programs after studies show victims may delay leaving an abusive relationship out of fear of what will happen to their pets