Terrified Neema Safe Now

Terrified Neema Safe Now

Neema’s eyes say it all.   Marks all over her body, suspected stab wounds on her face.  Cowering in the corner terrified in the pound.  Look at her now.  She knows she is safe with her foster carer till she finds her permanent home.

Neema is definitely quirky.   Great with other dogs and cats but she does have her ways and can get panicky or be a little off centre (for instance she doesn’t always like strangers looking at her and will run the other way). But once she trusts you….well she only took 12 hours to settle in with her new carer…this fragile girl knows she is safe with us.

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  1. john kingston:
    Jul 24, 2015 at 12:25 AM

    Just wondering how big Neema is. "Doberman x German Shepherd" sounds a bit bigger than "medium". She looks a cutie, but the pic seems so sad. From your brief write-up, it seems she is sad with good reason. I'll be looking for further news and updates. Interested in a female that's happy to be a sole-dog, and can cope with some times alone. I am recently retired, but do a small amount of voluntary work. Anyhow, will probably submit an application form.

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