He Wasn't Wanted Anymore

He Wasn't Wanted Anymore

Charlie was left at the pound at nine years of age, by a woman who said she just didn't want him any more.  Here he is looking much better than in his original photos, and much healthier after some substantial vetwork.


A message from his adopter:

"All going very well Charlie has settled in well. He has well and truly made himself at home. He adores my husband and hs become the contented lap dog.

He went to the hairdressers today for the first time he did really well.

He is still touchy around his head a bit but he is getting there. I think he must have been hit as he cringes when your hand comes near. He is very much like me and loves to sleep in and DOESN'T like to be disturbed. But that is his only fault and we can live with that. He now is a proud owner of a drizabone coat, three teddies, and a soft ball that he carries around.

I think you would gather now that we won't be giving him back. We love him and I am quite sure he likes us all."