This is Jake Smith

This is Jake Smith

This is Jake Smith. He was advertised for free on Gumtree and someone offered to take him. The person dropped the dog off at the woman’s place and left. She realised the dog wasn’t as advertised, had many problems and would cost a lot, tried to return him, owner wasn’t contactable so took him to the pound. Poor Jake.

What a multitude of problems? He could scarcely walk when we got him to his carer and lay on his mat. We thought he was going into renal failure and would not last the night.

That was three weeks ago and Jake is still with his lovely carer Julie. He has been to the vets quite a few times. He is not well enough to anaethetise but we have xrayed him, bloodworked him, and he has been on different medications. His bloodwork is looking better and we will do that again in ten days.

He is older than 10, maybe 12, deaf, has trouble walking too far but is improving, is anaemic (his coat was black with fleas when we got him), and has little hair left on his back. But every week he looks better.

Once again we can only say how grateful we are to our fantastic carers who help us to deal with Jake Smith and other seniors and give them the dignity and tlc they deserve.