Please Consider Adopting a Senior Like Myself

Please Consider Adopting a Senior Like Myself

Do you remember little Hamlin?

He was found by a teenager and taken to the pound, fortunately a pound that works with rescue and knows that groups like VicDRG will take and care for old dogs. Hamlin was seen in the park, looking very frightened, and then scurried down a drain. How terrible it must have been for him, with minimal sight and scarcely able to eat even if he found anything!

We’re happy to say that Katie his foster carer, has now adopted Hamlin and had this update to share:

"When 15 year old Hamlin first arrived from the pound he did not want to be patted or touched anywhere near his head due to the amount of pain caused by his severely rotten teeth. Drinking more water provided a little relief in his obviously very sore mouth in turn causing him to wee more. His back legs were very stiff and he looked confused and sad.

Hamlin after he was found

He arrived underweight and had an eye infection and required antibiotics. He did not appear to be toilet trained but his dementia and confusion didn't help. The first night in his new carer’s home he just wanted to sleep after dinner. He slept like a baby in his warm bed. With each day he gained strength to undergo an operation to remove his rotten teeth. Hamlin has recovered well after his operation. His eye infection has cleared up. He has dry eye and glaucoma which is being managed. He is also almost deaf. He has seen the physio to help with mobility.

After learning to trust again he has formed a bond with his carer and the cats and has become a much happier boy. He becomes puppy-like and gets very excited when his carer gets home, trying to do a little run and barks playfully. He is the most gentle and calm little boy who just wants to be loved and follow you around the house despite not seeing well. Being a senior he is a bit wobbly in his walking. He deserves to live out his golden years in a calm and quiet home where he won't be left alone for long periods. He is such a strong boy despite his health issues and I feel so blessed to share my life with him. I love him so much."

Hamlin in his forever home

Enjoy little Hamlin, you deserve it!