We are very excited by our AniMeals program which aims to feed the pets of financially stressed people in the Bayside and Glen Eira community and very grateful for the funding from the Bureau of Animal Welfare. This is a six-month pilot program. It is great to be able to give back to the community that supports us, and we hope this will be the beginning of a bigger scheme to help more companion animals live at home as long as possible, with assistance to feed the pets and eventually other services available.

We have dedicated this program to Chuckles, who is now adopted, whose then person was feeding him most of her dinner as they had no money. Chuckles weighed about 47 kgs and his person weighed 40 kgs Sadly for all concerned he ran into her a little too enthusiastically one day and she fell and broke her jaw. She was no longer able to care for him and had to give him up.

We hope that this program will also enable us to help in other ways, for example when people become unable to care for their pets entirely. Too many of these dogs and cats currently die in pounds.

This scheme follows on from our foster education program last year and our free rural desexing program, again partially funded by the Bureau and partially by Thelma’s Bequest

We take the word ‘resource’ seriously in our name, Victorian Dog Rescue and Resource Group Inc. As a group, and also as individuals, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the lot of our companion animals. As a grassroots group we continue our involvement with the community, while continuing to advocate for more widespread change.

Our hope is that one day we will no longer be required.

We actively seek to share and educate, as we continue our daily chore of saving dogs and cats from death row. A commitment to animal welfare, to us, is not a matter of saying the right words, it is an attitude reflected by action.

We begin this program with high hopes that we again have found a way to make a difference. If anyone has good quality dog or cat food within its due date thatA they would like to contribute please do contact us: