Hera Karras

Breed: Female Domestic Short Hair

Age/DOB: 12/11/20

  • Hera, Female Domestic Short Hair
  • Hera, Female Domestic Short Hair
  • Hera, Female Domestic Short Hair
  • Hera and Athena, Female Domestic Short Hair

Kitten seeking dog..

  • Must LOVE cats. I mean really love them.
  • Must want to cuddle up on cold nights.
  • Must enjoy gentle wrestling games and chase.
  • Must have waggy tail... and allow me to boop and bat at it... and hang off it.

Hi, I'm Hera and if you can't already tell, I LOVE DOGS!!!!

I have 3 doggies currently, they're so great. My favourite doggy is Teddy, the Australian Shepherd. He chases me around everywhere and we wrestle and roll together - it's just the best!! Paws down though my favourite game is to chase his waggy tail when he plays tug-o-war with the hooman. We have just so much fun. I hold onto his tail and he wags away and I get thrown this way and that way and then FLOP!

Cats you ask? I love cats too!! I have two sisters and a foster cat-mum and cat-dad who spend lots of time sitting on me and bathing me - it's a lot of work for a kitten to stay this white.

My favourite time of day is early morning. My foster hooman gets up early to feed me, makes a cup of coffee and as soon as I'm done we all go and snuggle in bed together. I jump right up on her chest and wriggle and roll around purring the whole time until I get into that perfect snuggly spot. And that's where I stay. Snoozing away until it's up time for the hooman... then I roll over and snuggle in with my doggies. We all love a good sleep in.

Now I know you're all sitting there thinking - she's perfect! How has no one adopted her? Well the problem is, new people are scary and I usually hide when people come to see me. So I need a special family who understands that I might not say hello on a meet and greet and that I need time to settle in before my personality can shine.

So... if are looking for a sweet and loving little bundle of fur and have:

  • A dog or a cat (or both!!!) looking for a friend;
  • A warm lap and love to snuggle in bed;
  • And you are patient and understand life long friendships take time to build....

Hit that apply now button and take me home today.

Location Wallington

Microchip Number: 956000007438399
Source Number: RE120211

Medical Notes:

All our cats are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, fleatreated as necessary and if over 12 months FIV tested.

Adoption Fee: $300

If you would like to give Hera Karras a new home please download the application form.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.

Adoption Application Form

If you would like to know more or have problems using a Microsoft Word Document please email us: cats@victoriandogrescue.org.au