Cat Adoption Form

If you are regular visitor to our website, you may feel you are seeing the same cats again and again. The cats at the top of the list have been with us the longest and you will see them each time. The ones new to us are at the bottom. We’re sure there is a cat for you there.


Marmalade Jagger

To go with her name, Marmalade is soft, delicate, and sweet. She is unassuming and is one of those cats who is ‘just there’. She is a calming presence around the home and never demanding.


Kaolin Jagger

Kaolin (pron Kaye-Lyn) is a gentle soul.  She is the quietest member of her family and always hiding behind the others.  She is shy of strangers, however, learning to stand her ground and once familiar she is quite bold.


Allington Jagger

Allington Jagger, affectionately called Alli, is a delight.  She is a cheeky imp and is curious about anything and everything.  She loves to jump and play, with her favourite toy being a fishing wand.


Ella-Bella Speranza

Ella-Bella is a sweet little love bug. Timid at first around strangers, however, as soon as she realises there's someone who has a new lap to sit on and give her butt scratches, she'll be their new best friend!


Starla Speranza

Starla is a typical cat and does life on her own terms. She loves exploring, including cupboards and wardrobes. Starla loves being wrapped up like a burrito in her blanket at night!


Minka Upchurch

Minka Upchurch is soft and gentle, playful, and sweet – the perfect kitten. Minka likes to be cuddled and has the sweetest little purr and tiny meow. She loves head rubs and will push her head into your hand to let you know she would like “more please”.


Mischief Upchurch

What a stunning kitten! Photos do not do justice to the beautiful colour of this kitten. Dark tabby, medium coat, with stunning flecks of gold/copper color throughout, with amazing copper eyes. Large swirls cover her body – Mischief is visually amazing.


Zilla Babbington

Hello there, I'm Zilla! I'm young and full of life. I'm a bit shy at first, but don't let that fool you. I'm a brave little soul, and once I get to know you, I'm all about the cuddles.