Cat Adoption Form

Sinders Yeager

Confident, outgoing, playful, and smart are just some of the words used to describe young Sinders. He enjoys nothing more than being within the company of his humans or other cats that will enjoy his playful nature.


Pebbles Yeager

Please note: Pebbles will be rehomed with her sister Puffin or another cat for company. Pebbles is a sassy confident girl who doesn’t mind showing the adult cats who’s the boss!


Puffin Yeager

Puffin absolutely adores her sister Pebbles, and therefore would love to be rehomed with her. Puffin's cat tower is her best friend and she can always be found practicing her parkour moves on it like the little ninja she is.


Ace Yeager

Affectionate Ace! Ace loves getting all attention possible from people, kisses, cuddles, belly rubs and pats are just a few of his favourites.