Cody Thorvald

Breed: Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Pomeranian

Age/DOB: 26/11/2011
Weight: 12 - 13 kgs

  • Cody, Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Pomeranian
  • Cody, Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Pomeranian
  • Cody, Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Pomeranian
  • Cody, Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Pomeranian
  • Cody, Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Pomeranian
  • Cody, Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Pomeranian

Are you looking for a friend? Well, so am I! Someone who loves trips in the car and to get out and about together? Me too! How about a snuggle on the couch with a gentle, adoring companion who will listen and not judge you? I love that! Do you have a cat (or two) who are happy to share their home with a doggo? Great, because I am cat friendly!! We already have so much in common. My waggly tail is already feeling optimistic. Because just like you, I am looking for lasting love and companionship.

I’ve heard a lot of humans comment on my endearing nature and what an absolute sweetie I am. In fact, my foster mum says I am one of the sweetest, kindest, most loving dogs she has ever met. Aww shucks. It’s enough to make a doggy blush. Of course, let’s not get caught up in my looks. I also have substance and intelligence. I’ll come back when you call my name, I will sit, get down and I know to stop what I’m doing when my foster mum says ‘uh-uh’. Because of my sensitive nature, I am very aware of what is going on around me and responsive to what it is you would like me to do and I try very hard to please and do the right thing. Also, I won’t bark at your visitors when they come to the door. I really, really like people and love a bit of attention and new people usually means pats and tummy rubs. Although I like running around with the bigger kids for a while, I do like to have my own space at home and to be treated gently, so if my forever home does happen to have children, they will need to be teenagers or older.

I am perfectly sized, between a small to medium dog, and a pleasure to have around the home. I am currently living with a cat and after an initial week or two of settling in together, we now get along just fine and often sun bake out in the backyard together. That is one of my favourite things to do - soak up those beautiful rays of sunshine! Oh and I absolutely adore my soft dog beds and soft blankets and can snuggle in and nap for hours! At night my foster mum tucks me in to my bed with my favourite blanket and I sleep soundly all through the night. I am also house trained. As much as I love to lay around and snooze, I am a fit and healthy dog and really love my daily walks and outings. Once we have established a trusting bond, I loooove having a good run around off leash (in a safely fenced area of course) and I chase the birds and run so fast with a big happy smile on my face. I am great at checking back in with you and won’t go far.

Before I go there are just a couple of things I want to share with you. I haven’t been well socialized with other dogs in the past and this is something that my foster family is working on with me. I can be reactive when I see other dogs in the street and my new family will need to be committed to my ongoing training and socialization in this area. After proper introductions I have so far made friends with two bigger breed female dogs who are non reactive and have very stable temperaments, and I see them often for walks and play dates and we are fine together. So there is definitely potential for things to get better in this area! But I am not comfortable around groups of dogs and not a dog-park kind of guy.

I will love you to the moon and back and I will always make you feel like the most important person in the world. I do get so very attached to my humans, and when I first arrived at my foster carer’s home I displayed signs of separation anxiety, but Victorian Dog Rescue is slowly working on helping me to feel more secure when being left alone and this has gotten better already. The separation anxiety never manifests in a way where I am destructive in the house so you don't need to worry about that. I really don't like to be left on my own in the evenings though, I love having my family around. I am not suited to a home with full-time workers or where I will be left alone regularly. I adore my people too much for that! I am looking for a loving, gentle, understanding person or family that will make me a big part of their life and who have lots of cuddles and kind words to share with me.

So what are your thoughts? Once you make a commitment to a happy ever after with me, I’m yours!

Thank you to Heather of Dixon Dog Photography for the fantastic photos of Cody.

Microchip Number: 956000008303046
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

All our dogs are desexed, C5 vaccinated with intranasal, microchipped, wormed, fleatreated and if over 12 months heartworm tested.

Adoption Fee: $580

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It is our policy not to rehome dogs in the Sunraysia area. Please go to your local pound, or contact your local group. As rescue groups have transported thousands of homeless dogs from Mildura and Sunraysia Pounds in the last decade, we do not intend to send any back there.