Moet Verreau

Breed: Male Japanese Spitz

Age/DOB: 20/12/16
Weight: 12 kgs

  • Moet, Male Japanese Spitz
  • Moet, Male Japanese Spitz
  • Moet, Male Japanese Spitz
  • Moet, Male Japanese Spitz
  • Moet, Male Japanese Spitz
  • Moet, Male Japanese Spitz

Moet never has a bad hair day. Every day in his new life is a good one and with a striking white coat like his, he always looks his best

But Moet knows that beauty is more than coat deep. Cheeky, playful and chill, this boy will bring joy to whoever is lucky enough to spend their days with him. He is also very intelligent. He can’t do your taxes but he learns skills quickly, is house trained, alert and walks well on a lead.

Moet is the perfect companion for someone who is around most of the time. He can be bossy with other dogs and will enjoy being the only king/dog of his castle. He is friendly with other dogs that are polite and give him space.

Like all our dogs, Moet deserves a loving and calm home where he can finally settle in for good. As much as Moet loves a cuddle on the couch, he is looking for an active home where someone will walk him at least once or twice a day. Moet can be jumpy around unusual noises at home or out and about and beneath those good looks is some anxiety.

Of course, Moet is also looking for an adult family who will play games, continue to work on his training, shower him with affection and religiously brush his hair (he's not being vain - it really does get matted if it's not maintained). It’s not too much to ask for such a handsome boy. Moet's new home will be cat free.

Moet knows his perfect human is out there and he can’t wait to meet them.

No cats please.

Location Chelsea

Microchip Number: 953010001754590
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

All our dogs are desexed, C5 vaccinated with intranasal, microchipped, wormed, fleatreated and if over 12 months heartworm tested.

Adoption Fee: $580

If you would like to give Moet Verreau a new home please download the application form.

Adoption Application Form

If you would like to know more or have problems using a Microsoft Word Document please email us:

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.

It is our policy not to rehome dogs in the Sunraysia area. Please go to your local pound, or contact your local group. As rescue groups have transported thousands of homeless dogs from Mildura and Sunraysia Pounds in the last decade, we do not intend to send any back there.