Varnie Wordsworth

Breed: Female Fox Terrier x Pomeranian

Age/DOB: 29/1/16
Weight: 7.8 kgs

  • Varnie, Female Fox Terrier x Pomeranian
  • Varnie, Female Fox Terrier x Pomeranian

My name is Varnie Wordsworth. I have a really sweet nature, which you’ll see in me when we are home together. I love being with my human and if there were two humans at home for me to be with, I think my heart might explode. My foster carer works long hours and has to be away for a lot of the day and that’s just not the way I want my life to be in the long term. I j feel really safe with my humans around. Don’t get me wrong, I am smart and I understand that you do have to pop out from time to time. I can dig that (emotionally, not in the garden), I will just make sure you know how thrilled I am that your back, by doing laps of the house to release the excitement I feel.

I am very tactile and playful. I can stand still for my coat to be brushed and I have even been to the groomer and had my nails done (clipped) which wasn’t too bad at all. I have been for drives in the car where I enjoyed feeling the wind in my hair. I like to nuzzle up to you and sleep through a good show on Netflix. I enjoy learning new commands and feel confident with sit, stay, off, drop and wait. I am housetrained. Not bad hey?

There is a little point I haven’t mentioned yet because I have quite a humble personality. My foster carer said that I should let you know she thinks I am really pretty. I have big brown eyes that will melt your heart and a really soft ginger coat.

As with all healthy relationships though we need to discuss sides of our personalities that could do with a bit of work. So here are mine. I like to bark at sounds around my home. Some might consider me a highly effective guard dog but, really it’s me being a little reactive to noise. I don’t do it all the time and when I have a moment I can be distracted and coaxed back inside but, we will need to work on this together cause I do like to make sure my neighbours know I am next door.

The outside world can feel really daunting to me. When my foster carer takes me out on walks, I get an overwhelming sense that I need to be on patrol and my anxiety kicks in. I reckon if my human understands how to support me though my anxiety and can be patient with me, I will be really responsive and take on a different way of being out in the world. I genuinely don’t want to be naughty. I promise that is not in my nature. It’s just that I lose myself to the panic and behave in ways that aren’t socially acceptable. And okay let me be upfront and say I am told I am VERY reactive to dogs (and I don’t like cats) and sometimes if people frighten me as they go by I will pretend to lunge at them too.

But please don’t reject me for that. I’m the best dog at home and I will try harder.

If you think there is a place in your home and heart for me, let’s meet. I will be forever loyal and shower you in love.

I need to live in a home without children and no other pets.

Location Reservoir

Microchip Number: 900032002969117
Source Number: RE120211

Medical Notes:

All our dogs are desexed, C5 vaccinated with intranasal, microchipped, wormed, fleatreated and if over 12 months heartworm tested.

Adoption Fee: $580

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