Elita and her became great friends within the first afternoon and they absolutely adore each other and hate being separated. She has made the world of difference to Elita and they are both so happy playing in their acre back yard, actually sharing bones which is amazing to see and generally loving life.

Faith is a great little watchdog too and anything out of the ordinary she makes sure she let's us know even if it means running into the bedroom and waking us up by jumping on the bed.

She has her favourite blue rug and loves her night time cuddles while watching tv. They both sit up together and have their cuddles, its very cute. She also loves the twice daily routine of Elita having her medication for epilepsy as she knows there's a treat coming their way afterwards and gets very excited and sits and waits with the cutest expectant look on her face.

They have their own beds outside during the day (only if its a nice day of course) and inside their beds come at night and she loves enjoying the toasty warm fire with her best mate.

Both our girls are rescue dogs and you can see that they both know they've been given another chance and are just so happy, loving and eager to please. Between lolling about under the ferns by the pool in summer and lying in front of the fire during those chilly nights while munching on their chicken fillets or lamb chops what more could a rescue girl wish for. All this with a family who love them both very much.

Thanks for introducing us to Faith we could not have asked for a better friend for our girl Elita.

Fairh, Faith,