Martha & Rufus

Martha and Rufus and completely settled in now after nearly 9 months with us. Rufus is a real little adventurer and loves going to All Nations Park or Princes Park to play with other dogs in the offlead areas. Rufus was full of bravado and a little aggression when we used to take him, but slowly he has learnt some manners and now gets along with the others. His favourite thing to do is to play chaseys with the other little dogs. He runs around and around and his little ears bounce up and down. Rufus has also now learnt how to fetch a tennis ball and between you and me, he looks pretty proud of himself!

Martha is still the ultimate lap dog. She is very sweet and loves cuddles. She doesn't love the park, but is happy to be there with all of us. She has a few favourite toys which she loves to chew and she's a fast learner of new tricks. She now shakes hands and can roll over.

Martha and Rufus have their own range of winter jumpers care of their Grandmother, Jan who knits a new jumper every few months. All in all, Martha and Rufus are such a big part of our lives. I love how they meet me at the door and cuddle up next to us while we watch tv. We wouldn't change a thing and are so happy to have them!

Marthe and Rufus, Martah and Rufus,