Nelson was adopted late February and has fitted in well with Indy our other dog. Both are Pomeranian x and love playing together and with us, but also love to have cuddles. Nelson is a very placid young boy who has brought extra love and happiness into our home for us, and Indy.

Nelson (on the right) and Indy are great friends. Nelson is definately starting to get more confidence and asserting himself more with Indy (as she bosses him around a bit). They never fight over food and I occassionally see them eating and drinking out of the same bowl together at the same time (very cute).

When we go down the park, Nelson prefers to play with the little dogs as he gets knocked around by Indy a bit at home (as she is a bit bigger). He is definately the affectionate one and loves cuddles at every opportunity. He is generally obedient coming back most times he is called and on other times he will just cower and roll over (like he has been abused in the past or something).

He enjoys WWF wrestling matches with Indy and is starting to have a few wins under his belt finally. He pretends to be the submissive one then catches her off guard and flips her over! Very clever. Other than that he is starting to put some weight on which is good and his coat is improving heaps (It may be the Science Diet we feed him) and gets regular treats of raw cricken wings for his teeth.

A stranger at the park last night said Nelson looked like he was very happy with his new life after I told him he was adopted from Vic Dog Rescue. Thanks for everything and everyday I am glad we have this little man in our lives. Everyone who meets him just adores him and he is just so sweet and loving.