Hi, we are the lucky owners of Polly. We had been looking to get our resident male dog a friend for sometime and whilst there are so many dogs waiting for their homes, we really wanted a special friend. It was one day trawling the sites, that I went to Pet Rescue and saw Polly. Being a rescue dog, you are never sure what type of baggage they bring. Well Polly must have packed a very small bag because we have not seen any form of stress or anxiety from her. She is a dream dog. Perhaps we got lucky, but, most of these dogs find themselves in a situation that are beyond their control and all they want is a warm bed, a full stomach and a loving stable home.

So if you have room in your life for a new friend, please consider a rescue dog, these are the dogs that really deserve a second chance in life.

Polly has been here just over a week now and has settled into her new home without any issues at all. Our resident dog, Darcy has taken it upon himself to watch over her and make her feel very much at home. They spend all day running and playing, and when the sun comes out, they lazily recline on the banana lounge together.

With continual tail wagging and enormous grins on their faces, we know that we are all going to have a very happy life together.

Thank you to vicdrg, we are very grateful that these organizations exist.

Polly, Polly,