Sassy (formerly Bianca)

I adopted Sassy through VicDog Rescue about 5 years ago and I absolutely adore her. She's a big, gorgeous, goofy girl with the most gentle and placid nature and happy disposition - all who meet her are moved by her gentle energy.

In the beginning Sassy was hard work. She had had a rough start in life, and it took time for her to feel safe. She came with both physical and emotional baggage - she had been operated on to fix a leg problem (organised by VicDRG), which meant she needed physical rehabilitation.

Even worse she was emotionally shut down. Often just unresponsive - clearly a protective mechanism she had developed and learned to rely on. This made communicating with her at first really challenging. She didn't even wag her tail for the first 6 months. Now she can't stop wagging it! The first time she did was one of the most moving experiences of my life.

I could have given up on her and returned her, but I knew through her eyes that she just needed time to feel safe and learn how to communicate with dogs and people and teach me what she needed me to know. I was determined to help her flourish and VicDRG helped with valuable advice along the way. The initial hard work paid off and she has blossomed as a result.

It's been so rewarding and beautiful to see the layers of her rough start peel off to reveal the beautiful creature she is today. Her zest for life is contagious. She gets so excited when I get home that she spins around and around with a huge smile on her face before coming in for her 'hello' cuddles. She brings a beautiful calm to the house, like an ever-present zen-baby with a goof-ball heart. She also makes me feel safe - something I didn't expect and didn't go looking for when I was looking to adopt, but I treasure her for it - it is something extra she brings to my life. It's not at all that she's a guard dog (she's never shown any aggression) - it's just something about her presence that feels comforting and solid.

Life without her is unimaginable. Thank you VicDRG for bringing Sassy into my life."