Niamh and Rory are now firmly ensconced as members of the family. Rory has grown to be quite a large cat with an appetite to match, loudly announcing his need to refuel at very precise times. To my amazement, he even adjusted for Daylight Saving Time from the first day!

Our daughter is now a confirmed cat lover. As we had hoped, getting the cats has largely cured her fear of animals. Niamh has largely bonded with her, while Rory has bonded with my wife. Niamh sleeps on Lucy’s bed while Rory sleeps in Cameron’s room.

Of the two, Rory is definitely the naughtier. A couple of dinners have been thrown away because Rory dived in head first on the kitchen bench while Leanne had her back turned. Niamh still shows signs of a wilder life. She is still inclined to be a bit skittish and she doesn’t like to be picked up, but she does enjoy a good pat and a stroke. Rory doesn’t really like to be picked up either, but he is extremely fond of Leanne.

The Christmas tree initially looked like an exotic scratching tree, and Niamh climbed it. Fortunately it was a heavy tree and did not fall over. The tree survived, but the Christmas lights were not quite so lucky.