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Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Ziggy Applegate


Gorgeous Ziggy is a happy excitable pup who is looking for new digs due to no fault of his own. Ziggy is friendly with people of all sizes, loves a cuddle and is happy being handled when being bathed and seeing the vet.

May Applegate


Lovely May is new into our care and we are still getting to know her. She came to us very skinny and very interested in food as a result. But since she has filled out and knows she is getting regular meals this is calming down.

Mali Wilberforce


Our lovely, older, lady, Mali Wilberforce has adjusted well to living in foster care.  As she has settled, she has shown she has lots of personality. She has accepted the resident cat and is learning to tolerate the dogs.

Coco Yarbury


Look at those stunning eyes! Gentle and a little shy initially, Coco is a beautiful cat with a friendly personality. She likes a head rub and smooch.

Basil Xenakis


Basil is the sweetest boy with a gentle and quiet nature. He adores his humans and gets excited when he sees other dogs. He greets doggie friends by booping noses and having a good hello sniff.

Riley Yarbury


Riley is a very sweet and affectionate boy. He wants to be around his people as much as possible and his happy place is snuggling in a fluffy blanket with cuddles on the couch. Riley loves pats and lots of attention.

Cookie Yarbury


Cookie is so very sweet. She is a great puppy, calm for her age and great with people. She is friendly with dogs and reads their energy well, respecting their space.

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