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Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Loki Gainsborough


Are you looking for kelpie joy? Then Loki might be your guy. Well-loved through his life and looking for a new family through no fault of his own, Loki has the smarts and loyalty of his breed combined with the chill and experience of his seven years.

Bo Bo Falko


Beautiful Bobo is a happy boy, who is seeking his new pack. Bobo has attached quickly to his foster carer and shows all the signs of a loving lap dog.

Mocha Falko


Meet Mocha, a lovable and very friendly dog who enjoys nothing more than cuddling up close to you. He truly is a really beautiful dog. He seems to go with the flow as he adapts to his changing environment.

Gypsy Falko


Gypsy is a lovely girl who has so much to live for. She originally came from a puppy farm and is looking forward to a life that every dog deserves; one full of love, fun and a safe place to rest her head.

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