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Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Terry Falko


Terry came to us with his bonded buddy Scooter after their owner went into care. Now he has lost his lifelong bonded buddy and needs a family to fill the big space in his heart. He is a gentle old soul who will happily snuggle at your side or follow you around the house.

Scarlett Elphinstone


Meet Scarlett who is a super affectionate, people-orientated black beauty. She wants to be with her humans, and has a very soft temperament. This little girl positively adores company, so makes a loving and cuddly companion.

Stevie Elphinstone


Meet Stevie Elphinstone, a special dog with a heart as big as his paws! 🐾 Despite being blind and deaf, Stevie is a friendly, fearless explorer who approaches life with a wagging tail and a curious nose.

Mickey Elphinstone


“I’m learning inside is a good place to be!” Mickey is used to being an outdoors dog and we are in the process of teaching Mickey to enjoy being inside.  In his main photo he is waiting outside the door whilst his dinner is prepared, after which he will now happily come inside and eat before taking himself back outside. 

Mary Dubois


Gorgeous wee Mary is new into our care so we are still learning about her. She is learning the joys of being in a home where she is loved and cared for, and is working on realising she is not going to be abandoned.

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