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Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Dolly Maddison


Lovable Dolly just wants all the pats, cuddles, and smooches you could possibly give her. Dolly will make her need for love known by trying walk between your legs or trying to initiate a chat with you.

Ash & Axle Maddison


A pair of older, polished gems! Lifelong buddies looking for a home together. This gorgeous older pair have been together all their lives. When their elderly person was no longer able to care for them, Ash and Axle Maddison were surrendered for rehoming.

Suki Kobayashi


Hi, I'm Suki and if you can't already tell, I LOVE DOGS!!!! I have big doggy friends at my foster home and they are just the best to climb all over and snuggle up to. Cats you ask? I love cats too!! I have a sister and four brothers, I love to play and snuggle with them as well.

Minori Kobayashi


Minori has the most incredible coat, just like rabbit fur. He loves to flop on his back for a pat and to be hand fed treats. He really enjoys any interactions with people and is an absolute delight to have in your home.

Tori Kobayashi


Are you on the hunt for a social butterfly of a kitten? Then Tori is your guy!! Tori loves everyone he meets  - he doesn't care if you're a human, cat or a dog. In fact, he feels life is better with more legs around him.

Shion Kobayashi


Shion is a silver coated dynamite. A gorgeous, yet cheeky boy who loves to play with his siblings, running in and out of their tunnel chasing each other. Shion is affectionate and purrs like a freight train.

Mayda Maddison


Mayda is a gorgeous soul with a laid back nature. She loves pats and her beauty sleep and is happy to snooze most of the day. Mayda gets along with other dogs and is calm and polite with her interactions.

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