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Scooter Wilberforce


What a smoocher! Scooter Wilberforce is a placid, smoochy older boy – 14 years young and he likes a chat. Within hours of arriving with his foster carer, Scooter was already purring and smooching. He simply loves to be with people.

Lily Wilberforce


Lily has come on in leaps and bounds since arriving at her foster family, showing that with the right environment she can live her best life and flourish. Lily has the most beautiful personality and is a delightful, friendly and outgoing young dog.

Lily Van Winkle


Lovely Lily has had a bit of a rough time and is looking for a loving home with warm beds and good company. Lily has settled well in her foster home, integrating easily with the resident dogs and people, and welcoming good food and rest.

Bear Van Winkle


While this boy has got the looks, beauty is more than skin deep! Cuddly Bear is a delightful young pup and he is a smart and happy boy. Bear enjoys the company of his people and has been submissive with another resident dog while in care.

Mischief Upchurch


What a stunning kitten! Photos do not do justice to the beautiful colour of this kitten. Dark tabby, medium coat, with stunning flecks of gold/copper color throughout, with amazing copper eyes. Large swirls cover her body – Mischief is visually amazing.

Minka Upchurch


Minka Upchurch is soft and gentle, playful, and sweet – the perfect kitten. Minka likes to be cuddled and has the sweetest little purr and tiny meow. She loves head rubs and will push her head into your hand to let you know she would like “more please”.

Starla Speranza


Starla is a typical cat and does life on her own terms. She loves exploring, including cupboards and wardrobes. Starla loves being wrapped up like a burrito in her blanket at night!

Ella-Bella Speranza


Ella-Bella is a sweet little love bug. Timid at first around strangers, however, as soon as she realises there's someone who has a new lap to sit on and give her butt scratches, she'll be their new best friend!

Archie Tremayne


Archie has been described by his foster carers as ‘loving, affectionate and easy’. Typical of his mighty breed, Archie is a friendly soul, who is comfortable in his own skin. He loves a car ride and a good cuddle.

Benji Tremayne


A spritely guy, Benji enjoys one or two strolls a day, spending time with his trusted people, and keeping an eye on the comings and goings of the house. He is very cuddly and playful with those he loves.

Charlie Upchurch


Say hi to Charlie Upchurch. This magnificent little dog has so much love to give. He delights in being picked up, carried and cuddled. He rests on his carer’s chest and sleeps in her arms like a baby.

Allington Jagger


Allington Jagger, affectionately called Alli, is a delight.  She is a cheeky imp and is curious about anything and everything.  She loves to jump and play, with her favourite toy being a fishing wand.

Kaolin Jagger


Kaolin (pron Kaye-Lyn) is a gentle soul.  She is the quietest member of her family and always hiding behind the others.  She is shy of strangers, however, learning to stand her ground and once familiar she is quite bold.

Marmalade Jagger


To go with her name, Marmalade is soft, delicate, and sweet. She is unassuming and is one of those cats who is ‘just there’. She is a calming presence around the home and never demanding.

Bowie Jagger


Bowie is the sweetest boy.  He is playful and gentle.  He loves to give head bumps, he has a very big purr and the most awkward ‘pick-up’ his carer has ever experienced.

Rosie Upchurch


Rosie is a tiny dancer princess, who loves to snuggle with you. She wants to be included in your life and, luckily, she doesn't mind if you have other friends too, human or canine.

Bene Tremayne


Hi, I'm Bene and I am as good as my name implies. My main goal in life is to be friends with everyone. I don't care if you're human, cat or dog I just want us to be friends.

Saffron Tremayne


Beautiful Saffron, affectionately known as Saffi, is a chunky chick who likes her food! She may give random head rubs against your back or legs as a diplomatic way of reminding you that she is very loveable.

Bella and Lovey Tremayne


Sweet Bella and lovely Lovey are bonded besties who will be rehomed together. Pint-sized Bella is a bright and curious girl, who is interested in whatever her people are up to and friendly when meeting new humans. Lovey is a gentle and quiet girl, who enjoys company but is also happy entertaining herself.

Jax Upchurch


Jax has been a well loved family member and is a reluctant surrender. This adorable boy enjoys a cuddle and time with his family, as well as a run around in his yard.

Torro Upchurch


Torro, the quintessential elderly gentleman in personality and distinguished Westie looks. Quiet, contemplative and reflective, this darling boy loves being around humans and loves a good cuddle on the couch.

Neva Tremayne


Neva is a gorgeous, happy puppy. She delights in being with other polite dogs and has been lonely since her companion dog passed away recently. Neva is also good with feline friends.

Zeus Rivero


Zeus is undeniably cute with his soft, curly brown fur and expressive eyes. He may be small in size, but he has a big heart and a lively personality.

Dusty Quackenbush


Dusty is simply gorgeous! She is a very attractive cat, with a beautiful, tri-colour, medium coat and a magnificent tail. She is not shy and loves meeting new people, especially if it means getting more cuddles.

Smudge Quackenbush


Smudge is a quiet, gentle, boy. His favourite pastime is snuggling next to his foster carer on the couch. He is shy around people who visit the home but eventually warms up to them if they are quiet and allow him space.

Nala Pembleton


Nala's ideal home is one where she could be a princess. She loves affection and it would be ideal if her forever home had people who would bestow affection on her every day and treat her like the little princess she is.

Gizmo Pembleton


Gizmo is a mischievous boy with a lot of energy. He is extremely inquisitive and can be quite determined once his curiosity is piqued. Playtime is high on Gizmo’s agenda.

Bambi Pembleton


Bambi is a total sweetheart. She's playful and active but when ready for a snooze she loves a cuddle. She is a very affectionate and sweet cat, who has gorgeous big eyes but is otherwise quite a petite girl.

Buster Tremayne


Buster is a lovely young Staghound, who has come into our care looking for a lot of love and TLC. While we are still getting to know Buster, he has shown himself to be dog and person friendly in his foster home.

Sascha Speranza


Looking for love on canine legs? The fantastic Ms Sascha loves life and socialising with people and pups alike. 25kg of aspiring lap dog, Sascha has never received a pat she didn’t like and revels in being near her people, receiving and giving adoration, and chilling out together.

Benji & Louie Speranza


Benji and Louie are lovable friends looking for a forever family to share their world with. Louie is a funny little chap. He loves his food, is either going at speed or relaxing with his teddy. Benji is an adorable older gentleman who's quite sprightly for his age.

Nissan Quackenbush


Nissan is a sweet little dog who has had a hard life and needs a family who is willing to show him that actually, life can be great! Despite being fearful of people and dogs he does not know, when he feels comfortable in his environment his true personality shines through.

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