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Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Treacle Quackenbush


Treacle is fun and playful and quite friendly now that he has settled into his foster home and come out of his shell.  He doesn't sit still until he's ready for a nap, when he likes to sleep either in the hammock or the big bed at the top of the cat tree.

Melon Overton


Melon Overton is cuddly, sweet and always trying to get your attention and affection. He just loves being picked up and snuggled and will seek out your hands for pats and your lap for a snooze.

Raisin Overton


Raisin Overton is the sweetest little mischief maker. She is curious about her surroundings and loves to chase her siblings. She also has a gentle and loving nature and big, bright, eyes that make your heart melt. 

Kiwi Overton


Kiwi Overton is a big handsome boy who is torn between a cuddle and a game. He loves to be patted but can't resist a wrestle and a game of chasey. He will rub up against his person and purr loudly.

Berry Overton


Cute as a button, little Berry Overton is very sweet and simply loves to be cuddled.  When picked up, she looks up at you with these sweet little eyes and gently, sniffs your nose.

Ash & Axle Maddison


A pair of older, polished gems! Lifelong buddies looking for a home together. This gorgeous older pair have been together all their lives. When their elderly person was no longer able to care for them, Ash and Axle Maddison were surrendered for rehoming.

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