Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Rusty and Gemma Maddison


Beautifully bonded pair Rusty and Gemma appear to have only recently experienced the life of soft beds, keeping cosy inside and treat time. Their laid back personalities have helped them to adjust well to indoor home life with their foster family.

Bella and Honey Pembleton


Meet Bella and Honey, a beautiful mother and daughter duo. These girls are very sweet and oh so pretty. Bella is the mum and the confident one and Honey a bit more timid. They both love people and when they warm up to you and begin to trust, they are sweet and playful.

Tess Elderton


Looking for someone who will always welcome you home with the biggest, goofiest smile? Ready to experience the happiness associated with the little things in life? Then the gorgeous, delightful, goofy Tess is your girl.

Nero and Abby Grimaldi


Meet Nero Grimaldi a handsome Wolfhound x Labrador male and his companion, Abby Grimaldi a beautiful Staghound Cross female both seeking a new home. They are friends and would be happy to find a home together but are also be fine to be adopted separately.

Teddy Belvedere


Teddy Belvedere  has been with us since late last year.  We weren’t actively looking to find him a home initially as he came to us with his friend Lucy whom had degenerative myelopathy and we left them together.  Lucy sadly is no longer with us and Teddy needs his own home.

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