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Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Swiftee Haliwell


Swiftee is a lovely little bundle of joy who loves nothing more than being a part of her human’s life. She is a velcro dog who will be a constant companion to her new person.  

Loki Gainsborough


Are you looking for kelpie joy? Then Loki might be your guy. Well-loved through his life and looking for a new family through no fault of his own, Loki has the smarts and loyalty of his breed combined with the chill and experience of his seven years.

Mickey Elphinstone


“I’m learning inside is a good place to be!” Mickey is used to being an outdoors dog and we are in the process of teaching Mickey to enjoy being inside.  In his main photo he is waiting outside the door whilst his dinner is prepared, after which he will now happily come inside and eat before taking himself back outside. 

Edie Dubois


Edie is 7 years old and genuinely the sweetest most loving dog, very smart and will become your best friend in the world and always close by your side. She loves her people and is an energetic girl who loves to go for walks. 

Darchin Applegate


Darling Darchin is an affectionate boy who enjoys the quiet life. He can be a little overwhelmed by the hubbub of a busy home and neighbourhood, but is friendly with people and fine around other dogs when not too much is being asked of him.

Cookie Yarbury


Meet Cookie, aka "Scooby Doo". She's on the case for any stray sticks that need to be retrieved! Her morning starts with a hop, skip and a jump out the door to complete her toileting, have some breakfast, antelope-bounding back inside to her beanbag for a couple more hours sleep (lazy bones).

Bear Van Winkle


While this boy has got the looks, beauty is more than skin deep! Cuddly Bear is a delightful young pup and he is a smart and happy boy. Bear enjoys the company of his people and has been submissive with another resident dog while in care.

Teddy Belvedere


Teddy Belvedere  has been with us since late last year.  We weren’t actively looking to find him a home initially as he came to us with his friend Lucy whom had degenerative myelopathy and we left them together.  Lucy sadly is no longer with us and Teddy needs his own home.

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