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Victorian Dog Rescue & Resource Group Inc.

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Molly Haliwell


Molly is a lovely little bundle of joy who loves nothing more than being a part of her human's life. She is a velcro dog who will be a constant companion to her new person.

Milo Haliwell


Puppy power. Milo is a quintessential puppy - exuberant, loving and eager to learn. Given the right training and boundaries he will be a cracker addition to your family.

Millie Haliwell


My name is Millie and I want to be your friend, your best friend.  I will love you like no one else in the world.  I’m a good girl and love to go for walks with my human to burn some energy off. 

Bo Bo Falko


Beautiful Bobo is a happy boy, who is seeking his new family.  Bobo has attached quickly to his foster carer and shows all the signs of a loving lap dog although he is also enthusiastic about life.  More of a rural-raised boy.

Mocha Falko


Meet Mocha, a lovable and very friendly dog who enjoys nothing more than cuddling up close to you. He truly is a really beautiful dog. He seems to go with the flow as he adapts to his changing environment.

Gypsy Falko


Gypsy is a lovely girl who has so much to live for. She originally came from a puppy farm and is looking forward to a life that every dog deserves; one full of love, fun and a safe place to rest her head.

Terry Falko


Terry came to us with his bonded buddy Scooter after their owner went into care. Now he has lost his lifelong bonded buddy and needs a family to fill the big space in his heart. He is a gentle old soul who will happily snuggle at your side or follow you around the house.

Scarlett Elphinstone


Meet Scarlett who is a super affectionate, people-orientated black beauty. She wants to be with her humans, and has a very soft temperament. This little girl positively adores company, so makes a loving and cuddly companion.

Mary Dubois


Gorgeous wee Mary is new into our care so we are still learning about her. She is learning the joys of being in a home where she is loved and cared for, and is working on realising she is not going to be abandoned.

Banjo Dubois


Banjo is a friendly older gentleman who loves a cuddle. Don't let his age fool you though, when he gets excited he is just like a puppy and bounces around on his back legs to make sure you know just how happy he is.

Simon Babbington


Simon is a gorgeous little boy who is looking for someone to spend all the time in the world with. He’s surprisingly energetic and is willing to be by your side throughout the entire day.

Candy Celestino


Sweet Candy came in as a stray, so we don’t have any background on her life to date. In foster care, she has proven to be a happy girl, polite and easy going with her foster dog sibling and friendly with her human carers.

Wally Yarbury


Wally is a brilliant little guy. He loves his human and canine foster friends and is truly thrilled to be enjoying life inside with his pack. He loves to play and do the odd zoomie around the house, but is also a master of snooze, sleeps well through the night.

Torro Upchurch


Torro, the quintessential elderly gentleman in personality and distinguished Westie looks. Quiet, contemplative and reflective, this darling boy loves being around humans and loves a good cuddle on the couch.

Zeus Rivero


Zeus is undeniably cute with his soft, curly brown fur and expressive eyes. He may be small in size, but he has a big heart and a lively personality.

Zorro Nightingale


Meet Zorro, an adorable wee boy who given the right home will reward his human family with all the love and devotion they could ask for. He is an extremely loving boy, who loves cuddles and pats from his trusted people.

Simba Laurier


Simba comes to us as a very loved boy and a reluctant surrender. He is a snuggly dog who loves attention and cuddles. Although Simba is very affectionate, he also enjoys his own space.

Max Ingersoll


~ A sweet little man looking for his Fairy Godmother ~ Max came into care after experiencing a life of living in a 2x2 cage with another dog in squalid conditions. Sadly after they were seized and taken to a shelter Max’s friend was in such poor condition that he was pts. Max then came to us.

Bruno Belvedere


Bruno is such a sweetheart. Like many rescue dogs, he has gone through a lot, and is desperate for love. He will melt your heart when you pick him up and he snuggles in to your shoulder and lets out a little sigh.

Millie Aylesbury


Millie is a brave and loving girl, who has been working with her carer to overcome quite a few challenges. She is looking for experienced dog people, who will continue to support her to be her best self. This gorgeous pup is gregarious and affectionate with her people.

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