Bella and Marley Zinfandel are in their new home

Breed: Female Pomeranians

Age/DOB: 1/7/11
Weight: Marley 4kgs, Bella 2.6 kgs

  • Bella and Marley, Female Pomeranians
  • Bella, Female Pomeranians
  • Marley, Female Pomeranians
  • Bella and Marley, Female Pomeranians
  • Bella, Female Pomeranians
  • Marley, Female Pomeranians

Marley and Bella are bonded friends who are looking for a home and family to share.

Do you like to dance? These girls do. Bella is a little twinkle toes who will spin and prance when something exciting is happening. Marley loves to show off her two-step, jigging on her hind legs when she gets going. This bonded pair is looking for a forever home together where they can teach their new humans how to shake it and, just as importantly, how to cuddle. These girls love affection.

Both Marley and Bella have seizures although are not medicated at this point. Bella has them more frequently of the two, but both bounce back well after the initial episode.

Cats are no problem for this pair, especially Marley who seems thoroughly disinterested in cats as long as they know to steer clear of her food. The girls will happily share their food with each other though. They’re not fully toilet trained yet but should adapt quickly with access to a doggy door.

Grooming is important for these little ladies, with regular brushing required to keep their fur from matting. Affection and human company is even more important for these two so they’re looking for a human who is home most of the time and who will happily live a quiet, loving life with this inseparable duo.

Marley and Bella can both be a little anxious and will need some help, love and training to overcome this. They have not yet been tested on the lead and that too may take some time for the girls to adapt to.

If you are in need of two fluffy shadows, have a lot of love to give and a comb to share, Bella and Marley may just be the perfect pair for you.

Location Elwood

Microchip Number: Marley 981000300545092, Bella 981000300547329
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Marley and Bella both have idiopathic eplilepsy.

Adoption Fee: $1100

Bella and Marley Zinfandel has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.