BJ Inglethorpe is in his new home

Breed: Male Shih Tzu

Age/DOB: 1/5/2005
Weight: 10.7 kgs

  • BJ Inglethorp, Male Shih Tzu
  • BJ Inglethorp, Male Shih Tzu
  • BJ Inglethorpe, Male Shih Tzu

BJ is a funny, happy go lucky character. It is hard not to love his cheeky smile and endearing under-bite. He delights in snuggling on his cushions and blankets and being close to his humans. He can be a bit shy when first meeting you but once you have gained his trust, he likes to sit on the sofa with you and be petted. He also loves to sleep on the bed with you at night – he’s pretty good at sleeping the night through.

Once he feels safe and secure, BJ can be a little bossy when he wants attention but this behavior has subsided as he has settled into his foster home. BJ is a funny boy, not really sure how to play actively with other small dogs, although he is getting better at interactions. He has taken a particular shine to his foster sister so another small female dog will make an ideal companion!

BJ walks well on lead - he really enjoys his walks and runs at the park. His recall once bonded to you is quite good. He sits on command with a bit of help and will blossom with some further training. He is food motivated so treats are a great incentive for this little dog to learn. Generally BJ is fine with other dogs, but has displayed a bit of resource-guarding behaviour at mealtimes. This has been easily resolved with separate feeding areas.

BJ’s new home will see him with a family who has plenty of patience with lots of affection to give. Another non-dominant doggy companion would be an ideal world for him.

BJ is good with cats.

Microchip Number: 943094330211743
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

BJ takes heart medication - 2.5mg Pimobendan (Cardisure) 2 times daily.

Adoption Fee: $580

BJ Inglethorpe has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.