Cindy and Vicky Worthington - owing to health reasons Cindy and Vicky will be staying with VicDRG

Breed: Female Jack Russell Terrier x

Age/DOB: Cindy 7/5/08, Vicky 7/5/09
Weight: Cindy 9 kgs, Vicky 2.5 kgs

  • Cindy and Vicky, Female Jack Russell Terrier  x
  • Cindy and Vicky, Female Jack Russell Terrier  x
  • Cindy, Female Jack Russell Terrier  x
  • Cindy, Female Jack Russell Terrier  x
  • Vicky, Female Jack Russell Terrier  x
  • Vicky, Female Jack Russell Terrier  x

Cindy and Vicky are two very sweet Jack Russell Terriers and are a mother and daughter combo. These gentle ladies have had to adjust to being homeless in their later years (12 and 14) and they are looking for a very special safe and warm home where they can live out their retirement in peace and comfort.

Cindy is the more confident of the two and has a very kind and gentle personality. Vicky is very attached to her and can’t bear to have Cindy out of her sight for too long. Vicky is also very kind and gentle and is calm as long as she is with Cindy. If they are separated she whimpers. They will absolutely need to be re-homed together.

Her foster carer says that Vicky is “like holding a fluff ball of purity.” She is so sweet and kind and gentle. These two bonded ladies are really cute, fragile and sweet. Vicky’s walk is so gorgeous with her tiny legs tip tapping along. Neither of them would hurt a fly. Vicky particularly is very timid and will sometimes cower when being picked up. They are always cooperative and will let their foster carer change their jackets without any resistance at all. In fact they aren’t really resistant to anything, they are just happy to go along with anything that is happening and you would hardly know that they are there. Having said that they know when they have had enough of walking, or don’t want to be outside anymore or don’t want to eat something.

They both enjoy 1-2 short walks each day so long as there is time for little rest breaks on the way. They both are curious to explore though Vicky will tend to follow Cindy to make sure that everything is OK first. They do not tend to approach other dogs and Vicky especially is very timid. They have spent some time with a Labrador who was very gentle and well known to the family and the 3 dogs spent a nice evening together. Vicky is really quite frail and she won’t be re-homed with boisterous children or dogs. She hasn’t shown any signs of aggression at all but we think children might cause her some anxiety. They haven’t really met other animals yet so we aren’t sure how they would go with cats or birds. They don’t chase birds when out and about.

We don’t think they have had much training at this stage although they do come when called. They will need some help with their house training, although it is coming along well. Their foster carer is working on it with them and has seen good progress. Vicky is probably not strong or confident enough to operate a doggy door by herself so a solution will probably need to be found for toileting that works for everyone. Her foster carer takes her out to the toilet.

Vicky is a finicky eater and her foster carer will at times hand feed her otherwise she wouldn't eat. This is also something to watch as Cindy would eat for both of them - and then some.

They sleep a lot, sometimes in the same bed and sometimes in separate beds in the lounge room. Being older and tending to feel the cold, they will need to always have access to inside where it is warm and probably be able to wear a jacket in the colder months. Despite everything they have been through they seem very happy and content. Their foster carer says that they are absolutely no trouble.

These two gentle beings are looking for a home where they can live out their retirement years inside, in peace, in a quiet home with a special person or people who can help them build their confidence and live comfortably and happily for the rest of their lives. Their confidence is growing every day and we are seeing their personalities behind their quiet demeanors.

Could that be you?

Microchip Number: Cindy 956000013042471, Vicky 956000013034238
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $950

Cindy and Vicky Worthington has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.