Edric is in his new home

Breed: Medium Male Kelpie x

Age/DOB: 1/08/2011
Weight: 16 kgs

  • Edric, Medium Male Kelpie x
  • Edric, Medium Male Kelpie x
  • Edric, Medium Male Kelpie x

Please note that you should not apply to adopt Edric if you have sheep as he is frightened of them.

Edric (or Eddie) is an active boy looking for a home to call his own! He can be puppy-like, but is not a puppy. He’s a clever fella and is still learning about the world. Could you be the one to go on that journey with him?

Edric can be quite shy upon first introductions. It is likely this young dog has never been treated like a companion or a part of the family, and he isn’t used to life indoors. Although he’s learning appropriate behaviours in the house, he seems to prefer to be outside, watching in through windows and glass doors. When he is inside, he loves to “watch” animal shows on TV, and tries to find where the noises are coming from. Edric gets particularly excited when he can hear dogs barking “inside” the TV!

Edric needs daily walks and a home with lots of space so he can run and play outside. No apartments or small units, please. He is learning obedience and commands, and as he is quite the smarty pants he should excel with regular training.

Edric is fine if he’s outside, so long as he can see or hear his people moving about inside. Edric gets along well with other dogs, and needs to be a part of a dedicated family, perhaps with older children who will take him out for runs, and who will put in the time and effort that he deserves to train and play with him.

And if you are looking for a wonderful duo, Edric and Enna would love to find a home to share. They were best mates for the two months while they were held together in the pound and do have a special bond.

Edric is looking for the opportunity to learn what it is to be a part of a loving home. He will surely be a treasured family member!

Microchip Number: 943 094 320 497 864
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $490

Edric has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.