Jack Wintergreen is in his new home

Breed: Small Male Fox Terrier x

Age/DOB: 10 years

  • Jack Greenwinter, Small Male Fox Terrier x
  • Jack Greenwinter, Small Male Fox Terrier x
  • Jack Greenwinter, Small Male Fox Terrier x
  • Jack Greenwinter, Small Male Fox Terrier x

Jack is an older boy who is young at heart and very eager to make you happy. Like most Fox Terriers, he has a big personality and for his age is energetic. He has quickly learned how to use a doggy door, how to sit when asked, and how to wait for his bowl. He is house-trained and well mannered, though sometimes his enthusiasm can make him forget not to pull on the lead or check out other dogs when on his walk. He really loves his walks, which are needed every day, as well as playing fetch and rope-tug in the back yard. And he really loves meeting and playing with other dogs!

Jack is a gentle, affectionate boy and a true snuggle bug. He loves to sit on your lap, give you little smooches and cuddle you on the couch, and really loves being tucked into bed with a blanket and a chin rub.

We think Jack would be best suited to a home where at least one human is around a lot of the time, or where he has another dog for company. He happily shared his previous home with a cat, but he would benefit from the stimulation and comfort of another dog.

Most of the most of the time Jack just wants pats and cuddles. A short walk around a couple of blocks and he is fast asleep. Breakfast time is really exciting and therefore he likes a nap after meals, though only a power nap as life is way too exciting now there is another dog and toys to play with. He is very curious of his new world and likes to check everything out. He just loves to do activities with his humans and be involved in their day, not to mention he loves cuddles with the current female dog.

We have put his age at 10 plus but we are really not sure. We do know he has missed out on a lot in his life and to have toys and a dog to play with is not something he has experienced before hence his wanting to experience as much as he can every day.

If you want a real little personality who will be a very loving and active addition to your family, Jack would be the perfect guy.

Jack is currently in Bendigo.

Microchip Number: 956000004926516
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Jack has mild epilepsy which requires medication.

Adoption Fee: $490

Jack Wintergreen has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.