Jess O'Hara is in her new home

Breed: Deerhound x

Age/DOB: 26/05/2015

  • Jess, Deerhound x
  • Jess, Deerhound x
  • Jess, Deerhound x
  • Jess, Deerhound x

Jess is a very sweet and enthusiastic soul that is just looking to be part of a family. She loves action and wants to be involved in whatever is going on around her. She also loves to just lie on the couch and enjoy the serenity. She knows how to keep herself entertained with toys and laps of the yard, and she also loves to chew bones, go for big walks and snuggle her people. She is a really fast learner and consistency and calm direction will see her shine.

Jess is an incredibly clever girl who picks things up straight away, and knows how to sit, stay, come, wait, outside, go to bed, and quite a few others! She sits and waits for her dinner and also for her foster mum to open the door before they go out on their walks. She sometimes pretends that she can't hear her foster mum or needs to get something important done before she gets the commands done but they have an 80% success rate first time around.

She is a pretty typical staghound in some ways and has a very kind and gentle nature and is also very independent and sometimes thinks she knows best. She sometimes can test the boundaries to see if everyone is paying attention. She is learning that she needs to focus on what is important rather than what is distracting.

Jess may not have had really great direction early on but is working hard to catch up on some manners that she missed learning. She gets really excited to see you and jumps right up to your face height to say hello and show you how excited she is about playing but doesn't realise that this isn't always what her foster family want from a furry friend. If she is thrown a ball or other toy and has space to run she will play all day with you.

Jess is a really unique and special soul. She is a really active girl and will need a lot of exercise and a big yard to run and play in. She would make a really special companion for the right person, could that be you?"

Microchip Number: 95000005394778
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $580

Jess O'Hara has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.