Joshua is in his new home

Breed: Large Male Wolfhound x

Age/DOB: 1 year 5 months
Weight: 43 kgs

  • Joshua, Large Male Wolfhound x
  • Joshua, Large Male Wolfhound x
  • Joshua, Large Male Wolfhound x
  • Joshua, Large Male Wolfhound x
  • Joshua, Large Male Wolfhound x
  • Joshua, Large Male Wolfhound x

Please note: Joshua's new home will include a doggy friend for company.

Joshua is a very friendly boy, he adores both human and dog company and enjoys any attention he can get. He delights in receiving pats and cuddles – there is no such thing as too much affection in Joshua’s world.

This affectionate soul loves near constant contact and does not understand why he is not allowed into the loo with you. That is a captive audience!

Joshua is a smart boy who is toilet trained and has good recall.

Joshua is best suited to having another canine companion around to keep him company and the more human companionship the better. If a human is home, Joshua is generally in the immediate vicinity. He assists with cleaning, cooking, exercise and cognitive acuity by providing an added obstacle as close to the feet/legs as possible and rarely lets his human out of eyesight.

Joshua loves to play, and would be fine with a very active small dog, or even better a large dog. His forever home will consist of active dogs and people for him to love. He would suit a couple or family, preferably with children who are at least nine plus years of age, as anyone younger may be too small for him to love without a few bruises from inadvertent knocks by a 44 kg dog.

Joshua’s enthusiasm and zest for life is so endearing. This lovable fellow will make a perfect addition to one very lucky family. Only a young boy and already three homes and a pound visit through no fault of his own, just people whose life plans didn't include Joshua spending his years with them.

Are you in it for the long haul? And want Joshua's love and loyalty. This time we want it to be appreciated!!

Microchip Number: 985170002956525
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Joshua isn’t showing any signs of allergies and the recurring problem with his ears has also disappeared. However he will need to be careful with his diet so that it does not return (fed grain free food).

Adoption Fee: $490

Joshua has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.