Lachie Hartwell is in his new home

Breed: Male Maltese cross

Age/DOB: 12/11/08
Weight: 6.5 kgs

  • Lachie, Male Maltese cross
  • Lachie, Male Maltese cross
  • Lachie, Male Maltese cross
  • Lachie, Male Maltese cross
  • Lachie, Male Maltese cross

We want to know Lachie’s secret. He has such a sweet face and still looks like a puppy. Unfortunately his little legs show that he’s not. Lachie is in very good overall health, but has arthritis in his rear legs (especially left) resulting in some difficulty in walking.

Since being in our care he has come out of his shell in a big way. He’s still a very placid dog, but is showing the fun, excitable part of his personality.

Lachie’s favourite spot is napping next to you on the couch but he also loves to be outside in the garden so would appreciate the freedom to wander in or out as he pleases. But, he also LOVES his walks despite the fact that he should only go about 500m each time.

Lachie gets excited at the prospect of going for a walk. He runs down the hallway, pushing his way through the door to get outside and then waits at the front gate in anticipation. He may not be able to walk too far (because of his rear leg issues) but would benefit from short daily walks.

He loves to meet other dogs and people during a walk, happily accepting pats and affection from anyone who will give it to him. Lachie is very good with other dogs. He is curious and enthusiastic to meet them with no signs of aggression or negative reactions. Lachie walks well on lead, he doesn’t pull but if you want to change direction and he doesn’t he can be a little stubborn. Lachie is quite the determined boy when he wants to be!

He will come for a treat but apart from that doesn’t seem to know any commands. Lachie’s teeth have been very neglected resulting in the need to remove most of them. But this hasn’t affected his appetite and he quite happily eats dry food, as well as wet food, now that his gums have healed.

Lachie is great with the cats he shares his foster home with. He notices them but doesn’t react. They have even touched noses checking each other out and then walked away like nothing happened.

Lachie would love to be with someone/or a family/couple who can take him with them most places they go. He's the kind of dog that enjoys sitting at a cafe while you're having a coffee and greeting all the people and dogs around him.

Lachie needs a compassionate home – one that is committed to Lachie’s need for ongoing treatment of his arthritis and one that will give this older boy a much needed respite and the love and care he may have missed out on.

A similarly sedate cat or senior dog might be okay in his new home.

Location Elwood

Microchip Number: 981000300365254
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $580

Lachie Hartwell has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.