Maxie Wordsworth is in her new home

Breed: Male Fox Terrier x Pomeranian

Age/DOB: 1/7/15
Weight: 9.3 kgs

  • Maxie, Male Fox Terrier x Pomeranian
  • Maxie, Male Fox Terrier x Pomeranian

Maxie is quite a character. He likes to appear self-sufficient but is such a softie and adores his human contact. He currently lives with another dog but they are not particularly bonded and just exist alongside one another.

Maxie enjoys a daily walk and is very happy to sniff and explore along the way. He walks well on the lead but can pull a little, especially when there is an exciting new scent. He is unfazed by passers-by and other dogs. A cat resting in a drive way may take his attention from time to time, and that time he may even bark. He is a snuggler and with winter coming, you’ll have at least one warm leg. Maxie is house trained, responds to wait, no, off, down and walk. He can be a little stubborn with ‘sit’.

Maxie took a few months to fully trust his foster carer. And it was important to take this process slowly as Maxie’s defence can be to nip, which makes him unsuitable to live with children. Boundaries are now understood by both parties and Maxie is a very well behaved boy and a joy to have around.

Maxie loves to play with running water (it’s really quite hilarious to witness) but, when the games are done be sure to store away your hose; otherwise his curiosity to understand why the water has stopped will result in the need for a new sprinkler. A recent trip to the beach saw him perplexed and he showed no interest in going in to the water. Traveling crated in the car is fine and he loves exploring new destinations. Maxie can be very chilled and could live with another dog if the dynamic was right. He will bring so much love to a home and joy to your life if you can give him time to settle and understand his personality.

Location Reservoir

Microchip Number: 900008000117018
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Maxie has bilateral luxating patellas.

Adoption Fee: $580

Maxie Wordsworth has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.