Milo Hartwell is in his new home

Breed: Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x

Age/DOB: 15/8/08

  • Milo, Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x
  • Milo, Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x
  • Milo, Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x
  • Milo, Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x

Milo is such a sweet and lovable boy and will follow you around just to keep you company. He loves being inside with his humans so the more humans the merrier. He might be 13 (or older) but he is young at heart.

Even though he is quite proppy on his legs, with bad osteoarthritis, he loves his morning walk (after his morning cuddles). He will run sometimes and play fetch in the yard with his favourite toys – in fact he can be deceptive and occasionally make a mad dash.

He is super well behaved at home and understands ‘wait’ and ‘come” but because of his legs he needs either a ramp or no steps at all. Even though he has a problem with steps he does want to go outside to toilet as he is housetrained. He will stand by the door to let you know he wants to go outside. But he does have a quiet way about it so make you sure you do check up and notice that he needs to go outside.

At present Milo could not be placed with another dog unless an adopter could separate for quite a while until he got used to another female dog being around. He had to be separated from his relative, Mack, because they were fighting. We understood this was from anxiety and stress after being moved around so many times before they came to us, but when we tried to reintroduce them they still did not get on.

Milo does have separation anxiety and this will slowly improve with time but he will not be suited to a full time worker. With training, a steady routine, and confidence that his humans will back he will be more settled on his own. On his walks he is so excited and barking at any dogs he sees, but again we believe this will improve.

He is so cuddly and affectionate and such fun. You will love him.

Location Murrumbeena

Microchip Number: 982000146286451
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $580

Milo Hartwell has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.