Mustard McNamara is in his new home

Breed: Medium Male Staffy x

Age/DOB: 17/10/12
Weight: 15 kgs

  • Mustard, Medium Male Staffy x
  • Mustard, Medium Male Staffy x
  • Mustard, Medium Male Staffy x
  • Mustard, Medium Male Staffy x
  • Mustard, Medium Male Staffy x
  • Mustard, Medium Male Staffy x

Mustard McNamara, an English Staffy cross, is a handsome snuggle bug and the most loving companion anyone could ask for. He simply adores his humans and loves nothing more than cuddling up on the couch with you, He simply can’t get enough of being close to you! And you truly are his world. He is such a people pleaser – he tries so hard to do good and receive that much wanted praise.

Mustard is a very smart boy, and although he doesn’t seem to have been taught many commands in the past, he is picking them up quickly. Mustard knows sit, drop, wait (rather than stay) and responds to his name really well. He has learnt quickly not to go into the kitchen, and instead patiently waits on the couch.

Mustard is working on house training. He will sometimes still lift his leg if not supervised but we believe that is because he is so happy to be inside he wants to establish that it really his space!! As a former back yard dog he is loving his new life. He is also learning not to pull on his lead, and not having walked on lead before most likely, he is enthusiastic to get out and explore. He is a small but solid and very strong little boy so he will need more work with this. He would be a great jogging mate as he likes to set a fast pace.. However, he does wait patiently at the door (while grunting) until his humans say it's okay to go out. He is an energetic boy and does enjoy his activities, especially when there are humans involved.

This cheeky boy has figured out how to ask for pats and belly rubs, and if you stop patting him before he's ready, he will lick and grunt to try to make you give in. He flops on his back to make sure you can reach his belly easily.

Mustard enjoys the simple things in life: he loves his food, cuddles and chasey around the house, and going on walks. When in the mood he's also quite frisky and loves a bit of 'wrestle play'. His carer does this at night to burn off some of his energy. Mustard doesn't play with balls or other toys, so this is a good way of helping him 'have fun'.

Mustard has a very expressive face and cocks his head to the side when listening to you, so if you’ve have a bad day you can always come and confide in Mustard.

Mustard is working on greeting other dog friends in a calm way - he isn't aggressive, but thinks that barking loudly is a good way to make friends. He tends to bark at cats. He may be able to settle with a confident cat but would chase a cat that ran. Apart from his dog and cat interactions he doesn’t bark much at all.

Mustard is great with kids and totally relaxed in a busy (even loud) household so a family would suit him well too. Lots of people coming and going – lots of pats and activity – that would really suit Mustard.

He has a couple of funny/cute ways of sitting. In one position he wraps both his legs to one side like a girl dog, kind of 'side saddle'. And in another position he sits on his rump with his back legs poking completely through. In this position he looks like a little bear! So he never actually sits on his back feet like most dogs do. It's very funny!

All round he’s a great little package with a very expressive personality, and whoever welcomes him into their family will be very lucky indeed. Non-stop cuddles!!

Microchip Number: 956000010817520
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $580

Mustard McNamara has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.