Prince Bahati is in his new home

Breed: Toy Poodle x

Age/DOB: 28/06/2007

  • Prince Bahati, Toy Poodle x
  • Prince Bahati, Toy Poodle x
  • Prince Bahati, Toy Poodle x
  • Pince Bahati, Toy Poodle x
  • Prince Bahati, Toy Poodle x

A delightful, well mannered Toy Poodle cross, Prince is very easy to live with and love a lot. He likes and responds very well to routine - feeding times, walks etc. Prince is happiest when at home, in the car or walking in the park with his pack.

He is quiet at home, not barking or reactionary to storms, the vacuum, the door bell or our noisy neighbours (2 cute schnauzers).

Prince is happy to be left home warm and comfortable in his bed and is always very pleased to greet us on our return.
He will cry loud and long when left at the vet or in an extreme circumstance, but not at home.

Prince is great with kids - he is very gentle and loves to be carried and have cuddles on the couch.

I have taught him to sit for his meals and not to jump on us - being a smart smart boy he learnt quickly. Prince is house trained and being a poodle, does not moult but will require grooming. He walks well on the lead and is not aggressive with other dogs of all sizes, but seems to prefer larger breeds. He does seem to be a little bossy with small dogs.

Microchip Number: 943 094 330 23 0653
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Has Mitral valve disease. B1 heart problem. Not on medication.

Adoption Fee: $580

Prince Bahati has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.