Ruby Yentl is in her new home

Breed: Small Female Jack Russell Terrier x

Age/DOB: 19/06/2013

  • Ruby Yentl, Small Female Jack Russell Terrier  x
  • Ruby Yentl, Small Female Jack Russell Terrier  x
  • Ruby Yentl, Small Female Jack Russell Terrier  x

Please note: Ruby's new home will have a doggy friend for company.

Ruby is cute with an amazing personality to match. She is full of life and it’s impossible not to be charmed by this gorgeous girl. Ruby just loves life and her cheeky personality combined with curiosity does see her get into a bit of mischief. All harmless fun of course, such as hunting down socks and making you chase her. Ruby loves her toys and squeaky toys are her favourite. She will happily chase a ball and bring it back to you.

Ruby is very affectionate and comes looking for a pat and cuddle but will then settle on her own. She interacts with other dogs well. Ruby loves a wrestle and play with her doggy friends but is also happy to plod along on her own and sniff and explore.

Ruby “sits” like a champion and her foster family are working with her on her recall which is actually very good but she can get distracted when at the dog park. Ruby is a very bright little girl and she would love to have someone spend some time teaching her tricks or giving more advanced training.

Ruby’s forever home will see her having someone around for most of the day as she thrives in company.

Ruby is an absolute delight. All she needs to complete her world is you.

Microchip Number: 982000363554226
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $490

Ruby Yentl has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.