RIP Saegyn (formerly Vandelle)

Our adopter has told us lovely Vandelle who was called Saegyn is no longer with us. She was only 8 years old. We remember this Swan Hill pound girl so well. She caused us such a lot of trouble – but she was such a sweet girl that we forgave her for leaping out the first floor window at her carers, disputing over a bone with another dog and being raced to emergency where they fell in love with her too, and a long time in kennels with regular volunteers going in to walk her as she was a strong girl and did need the right home..

It was the pitbull demonization time and when we heard a kennel attendant call her a pitbull we organized a show judge to come in to attest that she was not a pitbull under that stupid point system so we could safeguard her as much as we could.

We were so delighted to find the right adopter whom we knew would give her all the love she needed and protect her. And she even got a lovely four-legged playmate. And they had experience with jumpers and had a jump proof fence. We felt so lucky to find her the perfect home.

We can only imagine how much her adopters miss her, as they write below.

"Life is just not the same without our Beautiful Saegyn, Jimi & I are missing her so much, she was certainly an adorable character with a huge heart. She was loved by everyone she came into contact with. She got that excited sometimes she would jump around like a kangaroo playing with Jimi & Evie my Step Daughters Staffy. Home is just not the same without her. She touched our hearts from the first time Greg, Katelyn & I met her and Jimi was so excited to have a new friend to play with. Her life was cut so short but she was loved by us all so so much.

Thank You ever so much for letting us adopt Saegyn (Vandelle) she completed our family. She will always be loved & our hearts will always have a piece missing with pain losing her so early."

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