Smooky Esterhazy is in his new home

Breed: Small Male Shih Tzu x

Age/DOB: 8 years 3 months
Weight: 10.6 kgs

  • Smooky, Small Male Shih Tzu x
  • Smooky, Small Male Shih Tzu x
  • Smooky, Small Male Shih Tzu x
  • Smooky, Small Male Shih Tzu x
  • Smooky, Small Male Shih Tzu x

Smooky Esterhazy has told us he would like to be rehomed with another laid back dog. He’d prefer them to be similar size or smaller and he’s particularly fond of spaniels and terrier types. He quite likes pugs too.

Smooky was a very confused and worried little dog when he came into care, but he’s like a new dog these days. He’s much more confident and relaxed and is loving life. He loves food, walks and belly rubs – lots of belly rubs. Smooky was also quite reactive to other dogs but these days he is so much better though isn’t quite as keen on black dogs. He doesn’t seem to have a preference either for small dogs or for big dogs, but he does love being out and about in parks and has a reasonably high energy level for a little guy.

He likes to spend time with you and will follow you if you go out into the garden. He’ll sometimes take himself out there for a potter or a sunbake if the weather’s nice. He’s funny and affectionate, although he takes a little while to warm up to strangers and finds small children a little overwhelming. Treats go a long way towards earning his friendship!

Smooky loves his exercise and walks beautifully on a loose lead and will stop and wait to cross the road when asked.

Smooky is a strong little character, but he’s happiest when he knows what is expected of him, so he needs a strong and consistent leader. He’s quite obedient and currently knows sit, wait, up, back, shake and touch. He seems to like learning and would probably do well at learning tricks or basic obedience.

Smooky would love a home where he’s allowed to be part of the family. He’s quite happy to spend some time outside though, and doesn’t fuss when left alone. He happily sleeps in his bed in the lounge, but does love to sleep on the bed if allowed and you won’t hear a peep out of him.

Smooky is house trained and loves a ride in the car. Have you got room in your life for this little guy?

Smooky is covered under Pet Insurance with Green Cross.

Microchip Number: 9820091055354584
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $490

Smooky Esterhazy has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.