Steppa Quartermain is in his new home

Breed: Miniature Jack Russell Terrier

Age/DOB: 05/07/2011
Weight: 4 kgs

  • Steppa, Miniature Jack Russell Terrier
  • Steppa, Miniature Jack Russell Terrier
  • Steppa, Miniature Jack Russell Terrier
  • Steppa, Miniature Jack Russell Terrier
  • Steppa, Miniature Jack Russell Terrier
  • Steppa, Miniature Jack Russell Terrier
Steppa is a well-mannered gentleman who wants to be part of your life. His favourite place in the world is pressed up right against you on the couch, with his head on your leg, as you gently pat him. He may be called Steppa as he follows every step that you take, and is always one step behind you! He just wants to shadow you and make sure you aren't going anywhere without him. What could you possibly have to do without him?

He is an affectionate boy, but he is still nervous and will be startled by sudden movements, pats, or noises. Steppa is not keen on being picked up but will tolerate without reaction. He needs a very gentle, calming family who will give him the time and attention he desperately craves. He's a little cutie who is very easy to love - especially when he tilts his head to the side to understand what you are saying, rolls his eyes at you, or launches his body on to the couch with a strength you would not expect!

He has met quite a few dogs (big and small!) and has always been interested in approaching with a wagging tail. Once face to face he freezes up - but when the interaction is over he walks away wagging his tail again. He seems to enjoy and is interested in getting to know other dogs, but is a little unsure of what to do. He has spent some extended time with a dog around his size and they loved exploring together, but he is not keen on dogs or puppies that are overly enthusiastic. He seems to have recovered from the trauma of being taken to the pound with his dad who was subsequently killed there, so he has always lived with a dog he was close too.

An ideal home will be with an adult family or couple, or family with children no younger than around 16. They will be a gentle family who will spend the time to coax Steppa out of his shell. They will find his tendency to follow you around endearing (and for this reason, is probably not best suited to an older person as he will get underfoot and may cause trip ups) and will include him in the happenings of their everyday life. Steppa especially loves weekends as he gets to go to new parks and spend uninterrupted time with his humans.

Ideally Steppa will have company for most of the day. It is important to note that despite him being very small, he does have a lot of energy (a typical JRT) and will need an active life, within reason. Ideally, Steppa will be able to snuggle up against you at night (or on a comfy couch). He just loves being nestled up against his favourite people! He will have an animal friend to keep him company - but his friend will have a calm temperament and will not chase him, bark at him or swipe him. He just wants to be friends and would benefit from a friend that is around his size. As a bonus, Steppa is also very cat friendly!

Steppa has luxating patellas on both his back legs. To prevent them from worsening, Steppa enjoys his 5 minute daily massage, supplements, and stretches. Steppa can't be walked off lead or engage in too much vigorous exercise due to his knees. He will pretend that he's allowed, but don't let him fool you. He has a tendency to jump up on couches, so it would be best to have some wide steps or a ramp to allow him to reach his destination (you!) safely.

Steppa walks well on lead but does have a tendency to want to follow every car (likely because he thinks it will take him to a pet store for some treats). It's important to exercise caution around main roads, and walk him in quiet areas instead. He loves saying hello to strangers and new dogs on his adventures and is always ready to charm every human he meets.

He doesn't know many commands as of yet except sit, but he's an intelligent boy and very eager to please.

Ultimately, Steppa needs a family who respects his boundaries and can offer him all of the love he deserves. He craves attention and affection, and once he trust you he will repay you with smooches. Steppa just wants to be a fully fledged member of a family that he can call his own. As he says, he's "a step above the rest" - and he will certainly be your best friend for life.

Microchip Number: 956000007813107
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Steppa has bad knees and will limp when tired.

Adoption Fee: $580

Steppa Quartermain has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.