Teddy Yorick is in his new home

Breed: Male Kelpie X Rhodesian Ridgeback

Age/DOB: 18/3/20
Weight: Expected to be 25-30 kgs

  • Teddy, Male Kelpie X Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Teddy, Male Kelpie X Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Teddy, Male Kelpie X Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Teddy, Male Kelpie X Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Teddy, Male Kelpie X Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Teddy, Male Kelpie X Rhodesian Ridgeback

Our Covid puppy, Teddy Yorick, has been having his intensive. This boy is going to be a fantastic dog of no more than 25 kgs but he is not quite there yet. To help him on his way he needs a dog- experienced family and ideally a laid back mature dog of a reasonable size, not an in your face dog, who has an off switch. Teddy still has trouble sometimes finding his. He is very intuitive and reacts according to the dog he is playing with and adapts to their play styles, but if another dog is over the top he will be over the top too.

Teddy is happy to chill out at home during the day with sufficient mental and physical exercise in the morning and in the afternoon. He is such an intelligent boy and for someone interested in extending this, he will be a great find. He is great with free shaping and would excel at many activities requiring an intelligent dog as he is so keen to learn. He is a very sensitive boy but can be quite stubborn on occasion too. He loves his humans and wants to be with them most of the time, although he can be a little wary of strangers initially. He does bark if you are out too long and we are hoping a home with another dog would help here. He is fine to be left at another house for a play or a doggy sit as he just adapts. He can use a doggy door and is perfectly house trained.

Even though he walks well on lead, when he sees another dog he can fixate if his human isn’t paying attention so he may be best if he is outside the busy inner city area. He will bark at birds and possums especially if he is bored in the evening. He only plays and chews with his own toys, although he might grab a shoe to get your attention if he is bored, but he is not destructive at all. Nor is Teddy aggressive, but he does not like dogs in his face. He loves playing tug of war with a friendly bigger dog like his big friend Mabel.

When he sees new dogs, and if they don’t react to him at all, he just has a quick sniff and walks easily side by side. But if a new dog is full on, he will mirror that. A typical adolescent copying what others do, and insecure about his own place in the scheme of things. We do not see him as a dog park dog, as he seems to have quite strong herding behavior and chase drive. He also doesn’t like motorcycles, noisy lawn mowers and similar and would definitely try to run to those and chase them.

Teddy has lived briefly with a cat but no guarantees.

Location – Chelsea Heights

Thank you to Lyndsay of Paw Focus Photography for the fantastic photos of Teddy.

Microchip Number: 953010004336763
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $580

Teddy Yorick has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.