Widget is in his new home

Breed: Small Male Tenterfield Terrier x

Age/DOB: 2005
Weight: 6.4 kgs

  • Widget, Small Male Tenterfield Terrier  x
  • Widget, Small Male Tenterfield Terrier  x
  • Widget, Small Male Tenterfield Terrier  x

Widget has a LOT to say for himself! He is a quirky little character and very vocal. He lets you know exactly how he is feeling; when he is excited and waiting for supper, or getting ready to go for a walk you get a running commentary of expressive whines and grunts. When he is settling for bed, he will sometimes randomly give a few barks, just because….or he may want you to bounce his tennis ball a few times so he can retrieve it. Perhaps someone spent time with him in his past sitting in a chair and bouncing the ball.

He is a little shy at first in a new environment, but once he gets to know you will come to you for affection; although he does not like being picked up, and doesn’t like being on the furniture. Widget is not a snuggler but does love to be petted and talked to.

Widget adores his walks and has almost mastered house training. He is not yet really trained for obedience, but once bonded, will come to his name - he is a bit hard of hearing, so his foster family have been reinforcing commands with hand signals.

Around other dogs he can be a bossy boots on first meeting and needs to be properly introduced. He does get along well with his small foster doggy siblings. Widget has been living with 2 dog-savvy cats with no concerns. He may bark at cats on the street though.

Widget’s ideal home will be with someone who is an active retiree, looking for a constant companion. He is happiest when he is with the human he trusts, with plenty of soft beds and blankets to call his own.

He loves his food and was very underweight when he came into care. He will gobble his food, so he now has a ‘puzzle’ bowl which has slowed him down a bit.

Widget is a real gem – he will keep you smiling all day long with his vocal personality. He has a very cute habit of covering himself up in a blanket to go to sleep with his own technique for getting the blanket across his back, before curling up, tucking the blanket around him. When he is in his bed, all you see is the crumpled blanket!

Widget is an amazing dog. We adore him and know you will too!

Microchip Number: 956000000460436
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $580

Widget has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.