Zoey & Ziba are in their new home

Breed: Female Maltese x

Age/DOB: Zoey 14/9/12, Ziba 20/3/13

  • Zoey and Ziba, Female Maltese x
  • Zoe, Female Maltese x
  • Ziba, Female Maltese x
  • Zoey and Ziba, Female Maltese x
  • Zoey and Ziba, Female Maltese x

Ziba is a real character who is more outgoing and confident than Zoe. She is very much the boss of the house. Dogs barking next door? She’s straight out there. Someone hasn’t finished their food? She is right there to polish it off.

Zoe is never far behind and loves to follow Ziba anywhere and everywhere. Zoe is a lot more dependent than Ziba and loves more attention and affection, and is the more playful of the pair.

They are adorable cheeky girls who love a good bark, but this may change as they settle into their home. They are highly food motivated for your continued training opportunities.

They both enjoy their cuddles, napping on your bed, a daily walk/run, napping on your lap, zoomies around the backyard, napping next to you, receiving lots of pats, and did we mention naps? They loves their naps.

Ziba and Zoe are the lap dog you always dreamed about. Are you warming up your lap to prepare for these beautiful girls?

Location Malvern

Microchip Number: Zoey 956000003421507, Ziba 956000003421507
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Ziba has bilateral grade 2 patella luxation – no intervention required. Zoey has grade 2 MPL patellas – no surgical intervention required.

Adoption Fee: $1050

Zoey & Ziba has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.